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About Us

As a marketing firm, we started here in Nashville putting life into our clients' brands with our personal touch and tailored experiences with our clients' consumers. We make sure each consumer of our clients experiences has catered interaction. As a result, of the quality of work we produce the clients are looking for demand from our end.


Odyssey Nashville is a women owned company. The CEO herself, Kara Lunny, is a south Florida native. Her degree and Alma Mater are from Auburn University. WAR EAGLE! She moved her life up for the management training program to New York City to be able to train and work on behalf of our clients. She has worked internationally as well as here in the United States. She recently relocated to Nashville for the opportunity to work with our clients here in the south..


Our management team invests in our teams with education and hands-on coaching to perfect the quality of our work for our clients who give us the ability for upward mobility. We pride ourselves in fostering relationships with our team members and nurturing growth professionally as well as personally. The individual itself is important to the growth and development of the office to meet the clients demand.


We work with multiple different clients and multiple different industries. We would never tie ourselves or marry to one particular client or industry because if that client were to fail we would completely fail, as well. We have an inherent stability in numbers. This is what keeps us on the offense and never the defense. We do not specialize, we diversify. So we are always molding and adapting to whatever client we are working with.

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